Offsite data storage has never been easier or more cost-effective – and what’s even better is that it’s Australian-based and owned by us. Our 24/7 data centre access means after hours support is available for emergencies and we can get the data back to you faster.

Use our storage as a standalone service or couple it with backup software to deliver a complete solution. Talk to us about the storage pool features we provide.



Our network is connected to the internet by multiple providers, providing you with reliable high-performance capacity and an additional level of redundancy as well as dedicated and shared bandwidth services.


Monitoring reduces risk


Reduce your IT risks by choosing us to monitor your IT systems and network. We operate a network monitoring system that provides frequent system health checks and alerts if required. This monitoring can be useful in identifying a range of problems – such as hardware and software faults – before they become catastrophic.

Disaster recovery


Complete system failure may not be top of mind but it’s good to know we have you covered. Backup is a critical component of IT servicing and our full suite of data protection services includes local and remote backup solutions. We are also able to implement disaster recovery environments providing timely restoration in the event of a complete system failure.

365 Security


Looking for ways to improve the security of your 365 environment? BluePackets is a proud distributor of CatchBefore

  • Proactive 365 security monitoring
  • Easy to understand reporting on your environment
  • Minimise risk, get your tenancy under control
  • Much better value than a single point-in-time review (ongoing monitoring)

Public IP bandwidth


We offer high quality, uncontested, ISP grade bandwidth.
Our competitively priced, high quality bandwidth is suitable for a range of applications, including web hosting, managed services, and high-availability hosting. Contact us for further information.

IP Telephony (VoIP)


Internet Protocol (IP) telephony is now mainstream. It’s time to ditch your separate phone (voice) and data traffic systems, which are time-consuming and complex to maintain, and start using IP telephony which combines voice and data on a single convergent network.
We have proven industry expertise in providing cutting-edge IP Telephony which delivers more than just cost savings for your business communications. It provides greater functionality, increased productivity, enhanced customer service and lower costs than aging analogue technology.
Features you previously paid extra for are standard in IP Telephony and because it has open standards you are not locked into proprietary solutions. This convergence of technologies and features also gives you more control of your phone system from your desktop, bringing it together in a powerful seamless package.
Talk to us about the exciting new features of IP Telephony and how IP Telephony can help your business realise substantial savings and be more productive.

Please note that as per AMCA requirements, clients may be asked to provide additional details to identify themselves when contacting BluePackets for service requests.

Website, DNS, email


We provide website, DNS, and email hosting services for both large and small customers spanning business, government, charity, and not-for profit entities. Hosting services are available in:

  • shared hosting (privilege separated)
  • dedicated systems
  • clustered servers

Signature Management


If you want a way to centrally manage your email signatures, we can provide a powerful solution that delivers the following functionality for Microsoft Exchange email servers:

  • Central management of the format of email signatures
  • Central management of position title, phone, extension and other variables
  • Optional date-based rotation of signatures – a great way to advertise a new solution
  • Consistent signatures, even when sent from Webmail or your smart phone.

Please contact us for further information.